Member’s Journal, Volume 45, Number 8, August, 2021



 Sunday, August 22nd at 6:30 p.m.


A Food and Wine Adventure…

Wines You’ve Never Heard of & Culinary Surprises!


 Created by Exec Chef and owner Deron Little and Rodney Perry of Ashe’s




        Pignoletto Grape


First Course

calamari steak | artichoke relish | dill crema

Paired with

CIECK DI CALUSO 2020 - $20

Erbaluce Grape


Second Course

grilled ostrich | radicchio & arugula | roasted yellow pepper | balsamic infused pear tomato | shaved parmesan | grapefruit honey vinaigrette

 Paired with


Cesanese Grape


Third Course

lamb loin | luxardo cherries | white asparagus | blue cheese polenta

Paired with


Carignane Grape



poached pear | mascarpone cheese | hazelnut crčme fraîche

ROYAL TOKAJ 6 PALMS 2016 - $60

Furmint and Hŕrslevelű Grapes





  $89.00 for member and $89.00 for one guest.

$94.00 per person for additional guests or non-members.

 Reservations due by Wednesday, Aug. 18th. No refunds given after August 18th.




Tom Russell, Board Member


Let’s Try Some Delicious Wines You’ve Never Heard of!


When we look at wine dinners around our area, we seem to fall back to old treasured friends, varietals we’ve had so often we can almost predict in advance their flavor profile.


Enjoyment of wine should be a journey that is never completed. The joy is in the experience and the discovery. So, let’s go on a new wine journey.


           With over 400 approved grapes in Italy alone, the scope and range for possible exploration and experimentation is immense. A cross-pollination is occurring with winemakers in numerous regions of the world planting varietals previously identified with a specific country, continents away. We see Italian grapes being grown in Australia and multiple states in the US, as well as the famous Rhone Rangers in California and their devotion to Rhone Valley style. These days knowing the varietal in a bottle is not a road map to its likely origin.


          Italy may be one of our most target rich countries for new varietal discoveries, hence I’ll share some of my recent revelations. The Cesanese grapes, are thought to be one of the main wines produced during the heights of the Roman Empire. Most examples come from the Lazio DOC located just south of Rome. Hilly vineyards and late ripening mean extra work to produce good examples. Quality vineyards produce a wine of ripe cherry flavors, subtle pepper notes, and an underlying earthiness. The soft tannins and medium body result in a tremendous food wine with broad pairing options.


          An interesting white varietal to explore from the Piedmont is Timorasso. Almost extinct in the 1980s and single handedly revived by Walter Massa. This thick-skinned grape can produce so much more body than other better known Italian whites. Good acidity and floral to tropical notes respond well to time in oak to develop surprisingly good tannins and tremendous aging potential.


The Carignane grape was once the most widely planted varietal in France, yet still relatively unknown. Young vines are known for high yields, but old vines produce wines deserving of our interest.

The lower yields of old vine Carignane produce a wine of bursting dark red fruit flavors, baking spices, and a balanced earthiness. Light tannins lend flexibility in our pairing possibilities.


In Royal Tokaj, the Furmint grape is the dominant varietal. Harvested late for higher sugar levels, botrytis is allowed to develop to further concentrate the sugars. The high acidity produced is a major component in its crisp flavor notes and long life. The Furmint contributes honeyed fruit, light spice, as well as nutty and black tea notes to the blend.  In its supporting role, Hŕrslevelű is also harvested late to encourage the noble rot of botrytis. It brings depth to the blend as well as smoky, honey notes, and a subtle floral character to this Hungarian treasure.

                               Talk with Rodney at Ashe’s and start a new wine adventure!



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