All about Beaujolais

A Takeaway Dinner for Two at T-Prime Steak House, Avalon Country Club


Saturday February 20th, 2021

Pickup times are 4:30-6:00 p.m.


Hosted by Scott and Lisa Farmer



First Course

Asian Confit Pork Belly Salad

Crispy pork belly, orange suprême, five spice roasted cashews Bibb lettuce with rice wine vinaigrette


2017 Pierre Durdillly, Domaine Les Gryphées, Beaujolais Rosé - $16.99


Second Course


Ancho Braised Leg of Lamb

Leg of lamb braised for 24 hours, boniato purée, jicama and coriander slaw, and pickled red onions


2017 Chauvet Frères, Morgon, Côtes du Py Beaujolais - $18.99



Flight of Truffles

A tour of chocolate truffles handmade to accentuate the wine pairings


An informational video to accompany the dinner

and a curated playlist of dinner music on Spotify.





$160.00 which includes a meal for 2 and the 2 bottles of wine.

$98.00 for a meal for 1 and the 2 bottles of wine.

Reservations due by February 15th, 2021.

No refunds given after Monday, February 15.


If you do not receive a confirmation, call the WSET Voicemail – 896-3753




beaujolais Located north of Lyon in eastern France, Beaujolais overlaps Burgundy in the north and Rhône in the south. The picturesque Beaujolais vineyards run along the Saône River, where winemakers have crafted deliciously supple and fruity wines since the days of Ancient Rome.


Over mainly granite terrain, the Beaujolais Crus form a meandering path. From south to north, Brouilly is followed by Côte de Brouilly, Régnié, Morgon, Chiroubles, Fleurie, Moulin-à-Vent, Chénas, Juliénas, and Saint-Amour.


The region has ideal growing conditions. It receives lots of sunshine and has granite-based soils that lend excellent structure to the wines. The Gamay grape is used to make all Beaujolais wines, with the exception of white Beaujolais, or Beaujolais blanc, which is made of Chardonnay grapes.


Most of the harvesting is done manually in the Beaujolais region. Handpicking means entire bunches can be vatted to allow a certain kind of maceration. This winemaking is specific to the Beaujolais region.


This dinner is all about Beaujolais wines. What to pair, buy, drink, and a little history.


Included with the dinner is a video where we talk about the Gamay grapes, the unique fermentation and 3 different areas of this terroir that produce a variety of wines all from one grape.  Enjoy this dinner and find out the difference between Nouveau, Village, and Cru.  Chef Jon will explain the food pairings along with some kitchen tips.


When you make your reservations, please indicate a 15 minute time frame to pick up your meals at T Prime @ Avalon Country Club.  When you arrive, you will be met at your car with your food for 2 and your 2 bottles of wine.  You can enjoy the video, your meal, and a specially curated Spotify play list for a wonderful Saturday night in.




First Course  2017 Pierre Durdilly, Domaine Les Gryphées, Beaujolais Rosé: 

You can't ignore the "gryphées", or seashell fossils, that crunch underfoot as you walk through Pierre Durdilly's vineyards in Moulin-à-Vent, as if the ocean were just over the next gentle hill. It's this unique terroir, with its mineral complexity, that sets the family's wines apart from other more rustic bottles from the region.

This wine is balanced, with red currant and raspberry fruit characteristics.


Second Course  2017 Chauvet Frères, Morgon, Côtes du Py Beaujolais

A full-bodied, powerful, and meaty wine, Morgon features ripe cherry, peach, apricot, and plum aromas and a deep garnet color. Morgon wines come from one of 6 different named vineyards, the most famous being the Côtes du Py (The Py hills).  This wine will age well and carries much of the flavors and characteristics of Burgundy wines, but at a fraction of the cost.


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