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Member’s Journal, Volume 45, Number 11, November, 2021


Thursday November 18, 6:30 p.m.

Amuse Bouche
Lemon caper smoked trout crostini buttered
Krasno Sparkling Rebula, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2019

First Course
Scallop cake bites with cilantro-lime crème
Krasno Beautiful White, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2020

Second Course
Harvest salad of mixed greens, roasted acorn squash, heirloom tomatoes, and Cajun pecans, lightly dressed with white balsamic vinaigrette and Chesapeake's bread basket
Krasno Sauvignonasse, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2017

Third Course
Bouillabaisse – rich stew of mussels, clams, and shrimp in a saffron tomato broth
Krasno Magnificent Orange, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2019

Seared rare yellow fin tuna crusted in sesame seeds on quinoa with an avocado aioli sauce, served with soy ginger sugar snap peas
Krasno Pinot Noir, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2018

Double chocolate decadence cheesecake with espresso Chantilly and fresh raspberry coulis
Krasno Magnificent Red, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2019

 $125 per person and $125 for one guest. 
$130 per person for additional guests or non-members.
Reservations due by Monday, November 15.
No refunds given after November 15.

Alan Hitchcock, Board Member

        Have you heard of the magical land in the Western part of Slovenia, nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea? We are featuring the wines of Krasno Slovenia which is a small line (about 1200 cases each) from the Klet Brda winery. The wines have just recently been introduced to East Tennessee by Laureate Imports. Bob’s Wine and Liquor provides these unusual and value oriented wine selections for us. This event features a six course dinner with as many wine parings to match.
        The name Krasno comes from a small hillside town within the Goriska Brda region (formerly part of Italy’s Collio region) and all of the grapes come from the surrounding vineyards. Krasno is not a formal appellation within Brda, but we think it is distinctive enough that it will be a sub-appellation one day. The wines reflect what you’d be drinking if you were at a café in Slovenia – a mix of styles and local vs. international grape varietals. One of the more unusual wines for this event is the Magnificent Orange (perfect for Tennessee Volunteer fans!).  This wine is actually orange in color, an expression of macerated white grapes. The Slovenian wine tradition began 2,400 years ago with the Celts, who cultivated the first vines there.  Later, the Romans perfected wine making in the Brda region.
        Manjula deSilva, Representative of Laureate Imports, will be at the event to provide wine education, tasting notes, and some background on Slovenian wine production. He will present a video about the winery and the beautiful land of Slovenia. 
        Chesapeake’s executive chef has developed a custom menu to enhance our wine experience. An East Tennessee tradition, Chesapeake’s offers fresh seafood that’s flown in daily. Our event will be hosted in one of their elegant private dining rooms offering a cozy and intimate setting.

Krasno Sparkling Rebula, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2019 – The aroma is reminiscent of Mediterranean citrus fruit and cedar – rounded with a gentle aroma of vanilla and fresh bread crust.
Krasno Beautiful White, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2020 – Gentle aromas of ripe white fruit, fragrances, and flowers. The taste is full and distinctly mineral. The color is straw yellow with golden yellow tones.
Krasno Sauvignonasse, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2017 - Aromas of field flowers, a rich body, and an almond finish.
Krasno Magnificent Orange, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2019 – An expression of macerated white grapes. Aroma of quince, ripe pear, and thyme. Taste has pronounced minerality, citrus, and thyme and is soft sweet and long, with a fresh and durable aftertaste, rounded with roasted almonds.
Krasno Pinot Noir, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2018 -Aroma of ripe red fruit and berries. Pleasantly soft, full body, with a warm down feel. Deep, ruby colors with a brick shade.
Krasno Magnificent Red, Goriska Brda, Slovenia, 2019 – Aromas of blackberries and red cherries with a grassy note. Middle body taste with soft texture and a nice length. Ruby red with a purple note.



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